This online, interactive childbirth course with videos, eBooks, and weekly Q&A calls is like nothing you've seen before.

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Back in 2011, I was consumed with a burning passion to create a childbirth course--a course that was unlike anything else available at the time.  


That course has already helped many people around the world to RETHINK birth from a more holistic, interconnected perspective - and now, what was once the Birth Empowerment Course is being expanded, refined, and UPGRADED into a fully comprehensive childbirth education series for mothers-to-be, yet it retains a decidedly holistic approach and perspective.  Learn what to expect from a medical perspective, AND how to boost your chances of getting the birth you truly desire:   A natural, unhindered birth experience.  


Have the best of both worlds--a conscious, beautiful, empowered birth - no matter where OR how you end up delivering your precious baby.

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